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Groovy Tie Squad - selling pops of personality

About Us

Are you tired of boring ties that don’t have any personality? AND paying too much to do so? We are, Well….. we WERE! But that dull personality-less stage of our lives is over, WOOT!

We got started because our seamstress Brittany (that’s me) got tired of seeing really high price tags on really boring ties. I got so tired of it that I decided to figure out how to make ties for  my husband (Thomas). He went crazy with excitement over them, as did everyone who saw him wearing any of them.

I had so much fun making them. And even more fun seeing people smiling and happy while wearing ties that fit their personalities.  I became highly addicted to making ties, I’ve yet to find a support group for this problem. (Oh well, I wouldn’t have time to attend anyway, I’m too busy making ties)

Our friend Jo went crazy for them and said I seriously need to sell them and start a business. My husband was close to drowning in ties and my excessive tie making was becoming an expensive addiction. So, we figured that it was a great idea to go ahead and start a company. So here we are!

Generally speaking, most of the time when a man is wearing a suit and tie, there is very little that he can do to show off who he is and what he loves. We want to help you to do that.

We want to give men the opportunity to be able to be themselves (even in a suit and tie) with these little pops of personality.

The dictionary description of groovy is: highly stimulating or attractive; excellent.

We hunt for all kinds of groovy fabrics for you (and ourselves, since we are still addicted).

Then we carefully align the fabric for the absolute best positioning to make 150% certain that we end up with a groovy tie. Thereby making sure you have an amazing way to get loads of compliments every time you wear one of our ties.

We back all of our products, all of our ties go through multiple quality control sessions to make sure they are as perfect as we can make them.


Brittany: as far as the business goes: seamstress, photographer, shipping department, designer, fabric chooser, the punny goofball who names the ties (maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that last one)

As just a person: wife of Thomas, quirky spunky mom of 3 daughters, baker (I had a baking business at one time, that stopped when I was put on bedrest during my pregnancy with our 3rd daughter), wanderlust traveler, movie quoter extraordinaire, storyteller.

Oh, and I talk a LOT - but you likely already picked up on that hard to spot tidbit..

Thomas: One of our models and official member of the squad, web designer, and sometimes photographer. The one who makes the money that is spent on fabric for this tie making addiction. He does this money-making thing by being a computer software engineer.

King of ridiculous dad jokes and puns, yet somehow quite hilarious regardless of this proven fact

He is having so much fun finally having time to be with me and having a chance to have something to actually work on together.


One of our models and official member of the squad, inspirer of laughs via very punny jokes & great storytelling, awesome guy that we all love to hang with


One of our models and official member of the squad, comedic relief, storyteller extraordinaire and all around great and fun guy that we are privileged to have as part of the squad, thanks for joining in (I mean causing, all the crazy antics)

Hahaha, I said you should do your own bios, now you guys have all these mushy feelings clogging up the squads bio section